Best Egg Boiler In India

Egg is the best food morning breakfast. It has a lot of or almost all types of nutrients and vitamins in it with being highly rich in protein. From an egg there can be many varieties of breakfast or snacks can be prepared. Egg also has a delightful and wonderful flavor with all the nutrition. The egg can be made as a scrambled egg, half fry or an omelette or another dish. Having egg in the starting of the day will make you feel more energetic all day. Having different dishes of egg is good but having boiled egg is best and one the most loved choice of everyone which also increases your taste buds. For having boiled eggs in your breakfast is great but boiling egg is not too easy for everyone. Boiling eggs needs a lot of struggle and it’s a difficult task.

When it’s just one or two egg boiling then it’s okay but when you have to boiling many eggs at a time then it became tough thing because there is always a risk of getting a of the egg break in the process of boiling. But somehow we do that also and because of all that it becomes a mess.

From now you don’t need any more about it because we have come up with the egg boiler gadget or device that will help you in this.

What does the Egg Boiler means?

Egg boiler these are also known as the egg cooker. The electric appliance, device or gadget which is used for boiling the egg without any mess. You can boil multiple eggs in the egg boiler device at a time.

Egg boiler means egg cookers which are an electric appliance that can be used for boiling eggs. The good things of the egg boiler are that they can boiler multiple eggs at a time without cracking any egg. There are some boilers models have double layers coating for boiling eggs, some models have omelette or egg poacher maker with the boiler. No more need to boiler egg in water filled vessel on gas stove which is not less than a mess. The boiler has various types of setting for boiling eggs; you can also boil a single egg separately. The boiler looks stylish with a compact size and easy to use technology.

Buying Guide For Egg Boiler:

  • Capacity:

The extremely important factor that should be kept in mind before buying any appliance. You should go for that egg boiler that could boil more eggs at a time. Like some models can boil about 6 to 10 eggs at a time and some can go with 2 to 4 eggs at a time.

  • Multiple Cooking:

Before buying any appliance you should check what else could be cooked on it. Like only some of the egg boiler are capable of making omelette or poacher not all. So, an appliance should have the capacity of making some alternative of it.

  • Non – Stick Coating:

It helps in protecting eggs sticking into the boiler. It also avoids the outer layer of eggs from peeling off.

  • Power Consumption:

The most important thing to be noticed is that how much would it consume at each use because high power consumption will increase your electricity bills. The ideal power consumption should be between 200 -300 watt.

  • Extra Convenience:

The extra convenience feature that and boiler should have to facilitate its customer. The feature can be like:

  • Automatic Shut Down.
  • Alarm Beep.
  • Long Time Warm.
  • Easy to wash or clean.
  • Easy to use.

Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt:

no. 1 egg boiler

The Kent egg boiler is product presented by the Kent company. The product comes at the first at our list because it has smart and great feature. The product is very stylish in looks and has a good performance in its work. The boiler has three modes for boiling eggs that are Soft, Medium and Hard.

It can boil up seven eggs all together at a time. The product is easy to use gives a hassle free work in just one touch operational techniques. The device has a transparent lid which will show you the work process. The device is best choice for hotel, home or even for hotel room.

Features of Kent Egg Boiler:

  • It has one touch operation.
  • Different modes for boiling.
  • Efficient Control panel.
  • Stainless Steel Body.
  • Effective Heating plate.
  • Automatic shut down.
  • Protection from overheating.

Good Buyer’s Feedback:

  • Good quality.
  • Designed stylishly.
  • Great performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient features.

Bad Buyer’s Feedback:

  • This appliance doesn’t have any inbuilt omelette or poacher maker.
  • High price.

Russell Hobbs REG300 300-Watt Fully Automatic Egg Cooker:

egg boiler

This is attractive egg cooker available online in India. The combination of high quality material & advanced technology makes this product best. It also takes about the low power consumption which will never increase your bill.

This egg cooker has 2 poaching tray, six egg boiling at a time with a measuring cup.

Features of Russell Hobbs REG300 Fully Automatic Egg Cooker:

  • Boil dry protection.
  • Automatic shut off.
  • 6 eggs boiling at a time.
  • Measuring cup.
  • 2 poaching tray.
  • Fully automatic.

Good Buyer’s Feedback:

  • Excellent in its work.
  • Attractive design.
  • Great quality.
  • Shock and heat proof external body.
  • Very convenient.
  • Effective to use.

Bad Buyer’s Feedback:

  • Higher in price.

Inalsa Oggi 360-Watt Egg Boiler:

perfect egg boiler

The Inalsa Oggi egg boiler is another great boiler with a good design in an affordable price. It’s is made up of aluminum and stainless steel which gives it a premium finish. The boiler get seven eggs boiled at a time by adding some water into it. The boiler is efficient and fast in its work and comes with a measuring cup. In addition it has an indicator and an on /off light on it. It takes less amount on electricity consumption that will never raise your electricity bills.

Features of Inalsa Oggi egg boiler:

  • Switch and indicator light.
  • Steel lid.
  • Measuring cup.
  • Piercing pin.
  • 7 eggs boiled at a time.
  • Removable egg tray.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Automatically shut off.

Good Buyer’s Feedback:

  • Good quality.
  • Amazing space saving design.
  • Convenient.
  • Save time and energy.

Bad Buyer’s Feedback:

  • It’s high price.

Glive’s Electric 2 Layer 14 Egg Boiler Poacher:

best egg boiler

This egg cooker is the best choice with great capacity . The boiler is a double plated which will cook 14 eggs at a time which will save your time and energy both. The boiler can also boil the small potato, veggies and even cook rice also. The cooker has a stylish and attractive design and is made up of stainless steel and plastic . The cooker takes very less power that will save your electricity and comes with the measuring cup.

Features of Glive’s Electric Egg Cooker:

  • Made of stainless steel and plastic.
  • Two layered.
  • 14 eggs at a time
  • Measuring cup.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Automatically shutting down.

Good Buyer’s Feedback:

  • Amazing product.
  • It can cook 14 eggs at a time.
  • Great quality.
  • Attractive design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Hassle free
  • No bad comments.

Skyline VTL-6161 7-Eggs:

top egg boiler

This is an perfectly budget friendly model that can cook up to seven eggs at a time . The device has an stainless steel cooking plate which will allow it getting heat up quickly and speed up the cooking process.

This device has the most modern kitchen decor design with an simple operation of cooking system. It has an indicator and an power switch on it.

Features of Skyline VTL-6161 Egg Cooker:

  • It has 2 cooking modes.
  • Stainless steel plate for fast cooking.
  • 7 eggs at a time.
  • One touch operation.
  • Alarm indicator.
  • Automatically shutting down.
  • Signal light Indicator.

Good Buyer’s Feedback:

  • Simple operation.
  • Good quality.
  • Easy cleaning.

Goodway Electric (5 Egg):

best egg boiler

Here comes another great egg boiler with an attractive white and orange color combination with stylish looks and design on it. This boiler will give you a perfectly boiled 5 eggs with all its nutrient at a time. The boiler has 5 different section for eggs which will keep them separate from each other.

Features of Goodway Electric Egg Cooker:

  • One touch operation.
  • External plastic body.
  • Heating plate of stainless steel.
  • Boil dry protection.
  • Automatically shutting down.
  • Overheating protection.

Good Buyer’s Feedback:

  • Great design.
  • Great quality of heating plate.
  • Fast and quick work.
  • Compact.
  • Light weight.

Bad Buyer’s Feedback:

  • Water leakage.

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