Best Rice Cooker In India

Best rice cooker in India is one of the essential kitchen appliance to boil or steam rice present in almost every Indian kitchen.

Is your mouth watering when hearing biryani? Do you find any difference or similarity in the types of biryani dishes? You guessed it right these are all made out of rice.

Rice is one of the important dishes of Indian Cuisine. Most people eat rice every day. Let’s instance in South India people prefers to eat rice more compared to other parts of India.

In India, there are a variety of dishes people make with rich like Biryani, Pulav, Fried rice, Pulihora, Pongal and many more.

Difference between a pressure cooker and a rice cooker?

So many people who are using pressure cookers will understand that it is cooking rice in a pressure cooker is critical. A pressure cooker is a very comfortable appliance that will let you cook different types of food, other than rice. Automatic electric rice cooker is the easiest option that people will like to use to cook rice only. Rice will get burnt or overheated when you are using a pressure cooker since it will not go off automatically. In the pressure cooker, it depends on how much water you put inside it. Suppose if the water dries down, you will need to switch off the gas, otherwise the rice can get burnt. Now when it comes to a rice cooker it is an automatic appliance that will go off once the rice is cooked.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Rice Cooker in India:


In a best electric rice cooker in India, you will get one-touch control button. The higher quality rice cooker has a transparent glass. You have to understand what the buttons are made for.

Warm Settings:

Rice cooker have a warmer mode button to keep the rice warm at all times. It also will let the water to sink down after the rice has been made. It will make the rice look fuller and nice.


The size of the best rice cooker brand in India is very critical. The selection completely depends on the amount of rice you want to make for your family. Check all possible rice cooker sizes before finalizing the best one for you.

There are famous brands for rice cooker. Here are the lists of best rice cooker in India reviews which will be having brief information on each one of them:

Geek Robocook Automatic Electric Rice Cooker

rice cooker

Geek Robo cook automatic electric rice cooker is top rice cooker in India, this can make different types of rice dishes such as pulao, biryani, etc. This comes with 11- different recipe options in which you can make a typical Indian breakfast. This is a 5-liter pan that is good in size with a coating of anodized Teflon which will make sure that it will not stick inside. If you are cooking in a larger portion you can also put vegetables in it, also you can also rice dishes at the same time. This will also make sure that it can maintain the temperature & the pressure with the proper set of timing.

Panasonic SR-WA 18 E 4.4-Liter Automatic Rice Cooker

rice cooker

Panasonic sr wa 18 electric rice cooker will be ideal for a small and medium family since it can cook 0.6 kg of rice at one time. This has an enduring design and it is very hygienic and coated with an aluminum cooking pan which also includes a cooking place. The pressure cooker body is made out of ROHS which is a very healthy electronic device. This aluminum pan makes the electric cooker long-lasting. This has a very comfortable opener and handles. It is very safe to close the lid when saving electricity at that moment. If anything is burnt it will not let it harm you. One of the best advantages of this cooker it is very easy to use.

Panasonic SR-WA 10 450-Watt Rice Cooker

rice cooker

This Panasonic sr wa 10 electric rice cooker makes about 0.6 kg of plain rice in a few minutes. This rice cooker body is made out of grand quality food- grade product. This is a long-lasting pan. The smoke will let you hold the cooker very easily without moving/shaking your hands. This cooker is best when you make basmati rice. Put the right amount of water to make sure that the rice will be made in an excellent way. You will notice that the rice will not stick together in this rice cooker.

Prestige Delight Electric Cute 1.8-2 700 watts Rice Cooker

rice cooker

Prestige delight electric rice cooker is the most popular appliance in India. You only can use this cooker to make rice, porridge, soups, and can boil vegetables. You will have to handle the holder in a very nice manner. After the rice has been made, there will be a button to keep it warm so that you can serve it when you are hungry. It is included with an insulated wall which is a part of it. You will get a warranty of 2 years for this rice cooker if there is an area which is damaged or there is any problem with switching on this device. This is best for 2 – 3 people’s family size.

Bajaj RCX 5 1.8 Liter Rice Cooker

rice cooker

Bajaj RCX rice cooker will be helpful to make many of your favorite dishes that will not need any instructions. It is very comfortable to use. This is covered with an aluminum cooking bowl with the coating of anodized for making it sink easily and it is very time-saving. This also comes along with handles that are cool- touch that you can carry everywhere. The lid will take out the extra steam. This appliance is easy to use and safe as well.

You will get a 2-year warranty with this appliance. To make this deal filled with fun you can also make pasta in this cooker.

Preethi Touch EPC005 6-Liter Electric Rice Cooker

rice cooker

This appliance comes with 5 in 1 different buttons that will cook, steam, saute and even make your food warm. One of the best thing about this rice cooker is that it shows the Nutri ++ technology to make your food healthy. This will allow all types of ingredients to release their flavor of whatever you will make.

This can also make 15 different types of Indian food, since it comes with 15- automatic programmed buttons. This appliance is very safe to use in different ways, which includes: the temperature, pressure and the power switch. One of the best advantages is that it will let you cook openly. One of the best characteristic of this cooker is the delay timer.

Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700-Watts Delight Electric

rice cooker

Prestige PRWO will let you make different types of rice dishes such as porridge, soups and, Idlis since it is very easy to use this appliance. You can make 1.8 liters of rice for the full family at a time. There will be different buttons for cooking and warming the rice after it has cooked. The extra feature which comes in it is a cooking pan which helps in cooking large quantity of rice. The lid is fixed so the heat will not go out.

Bajaj Majesty RCX 1 Mini 0.4-Liter Multi function

rice cooker

This Bajaj appliance is small in size & it is good for couple or small family size.This appliance have a transparent lid for checking the rice cooking time to time. The buttons on this device are reliable & easy to use. It is a very comfortable appliance since it gives more space. It is very light to carry wherever you want.

Butterfly Wave 1.2- Liter

rice cooker

Butterfly wave multi cooker will let you allow making your tea and coffee, you can even boil milk, make soups, and pasta with some of noodles as well. This appliance has beautiful designs & is very easy to use. You can clean this cooker very easily since it is covered with an device of warm button.

It also comes with a power base in which you just need to plug switch. You also will have an egg boiler so that you can even boil six eggs in a time. The lid of crystal will let you sneak inside whether it is cooking nicely or not. Handle comes with a beautiful design to give an strong handle.

Types of Rice Cooker:

ON/OFF Rice Cooker:

This name means, these types of rice cookers will go OFF at that time when the rice is done. There will be no induction whether it is ON or OFF, you will have a flip button that will change on a different stages of it.

Warm Rice Cooker:

Many people don’t prefer to have their food right away. Some people will make it less warmer before eating. This type of cooker will ensure the freshness of the food for longer period of time.

Electronic cooker with warming:

There are some rice cooker which are expensive than the cookers which are explained in this article. These types of rice cookers will remain warm for 12 hours. For a large family those prefers to eat rice in every meal can select this electronic device.

Advantages of Rice Cooker:

  • It is very easy to use more than a microwave.
  • It will make the rice nicely without under cooking it or over cooking it.
  • Most of the rice cooker will cook different types of rice recipe, such as brown rice and white rice.
  • Some rice cooker has a good characteristic that will keep your food warm after long period of time.
  • Food cooking will not need to be checked every time as it will automatically process until it is done.

How does it works?

It has 2 important parts named thermostat and a cooking bowl. These parts work as one team to make sure that the rice is made or boiled without burning.

Thermostat will measure the correct quantity of temperature that the cooking bowl requires at particular cooking time and will do its best to help in not getting out too much of flames.

Make sure that there is enough water to make the rice properly. The water should be properly warm at 100 degrees Celsius. It is same like how you make rice in a pan, but no water should be left inside.

After the water is soaked inside the rice, the temperature goes high. When the thermostat comes down, the appliance automatically switches OFF that means the rice is ready. Some rice cooker will turn ON the warming mode after switching it OFF so that the rice can stay warm.


It would be great to use rice cooker for your daily rice cooking purpose. As it will be more faster in cooking and needs less work as well. It is also available in a very cheap price and it would be perfect for your kitchen.

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