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Table fan are also called as air circulator, which can quickly cool your room. The fan blades are usually known to help the air circulation in your room & space between them creates some ventilation.

The technology companies grew as the years goes by, there is something new which has improved the characteristics of cooling devices. They are comfortable and best cooling ways for many people & not so expensive choice as well compared to air conditioners. These are called table fan which are now available in the market which has very friendly characteristics.

Therefore, table fan is very cheap and it is good for summer in India. However, the characteristics in which the people are searching for in a table fan can be how they perform and how they work. Therefore, many people are now searching for a modern and classy fan. This is available in different kinds of finishes and shades, these table fans are good for decoration in the house.

They are a lot of things to understand when getting a table fan for office use or home purpose. In this article you will be understanding more about table fan.

Why is it important to have a table fan?

Table fan can supply air to all house purposes. It can be used anywhere in the house which includes living room, bedroom or patio. These fans have been made with qualities and will come with different types of designs as well as amazing colors which can pop out our eyes. There is one particular fan which is called a misting fan which & can spread water as & are the right type for outdoors.

There are a few office spaces which are very good for a table fan. These types of fans can stay longer and they are available in many different sizes. Each day you will find some new ceiling fans which are different to office and house requirements. And that’s where you need to think about the table fan. You will have to know your answers for getting a fan and also research for a brand which will go on longer.

Buying Guide For Best Table Fan In India:

It all depends on how much we use, take into your mind the cooling power table fan can generate. Air is calculated in cubic feet per minute (CFM) total the air volume which will go about 60 seconds. These requirements is very useful in total with heavy-duty fans however there are many different types of sizes which has the same model which will be different in CFM ratings.

Opposite Action:

There is a few type of table and pedestal fan which will come with an oscillating heads or tilt action.


Yu can find the Table fan can be made of plastic. Therefore, they are very light and strong. Few types of table fan models which is made from metal have the decorative touch. Its a time to think of such table fan which are awesome & needs less maintenance and cleaning.

Control of speed:

Usually, ceiling fan has changeable speed ways. Table fan can have one speed and are for a purposeful reason. In any case, suppose if the fan is in your office or your bed room, you would want some sort of a characteristic to make it better. One of the most important options for oscillation: a fan must concentrate on one area or give air round the room. A little fan will give you multiple types of oscillation speeds or designs. Other characteristics are: ability to move, timers which are easy to change, remote control, no noise pollution, airflow movement which is flexible, power options and a different types of fan speeds.


This is one of the important factor to consider before making decision to buy. The price of table fan ranges from low to expensive. The price will depend on the feature of the table fan. If you’re too tight for your budget, there are very good quality second hand fans.

Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55-Watt Table Fan:

table fan in india

This product is called to be one of the best useful as you can keep them anywhere in your room to feel the cool air in the summer. Usha Maxx table fan will not only concentrate by giving the top quality work but it has many different important characteristics. It works by the engine which will work until 400 m with 85 cm air consumption that is excellent.

This fan is great for huge size rooms as well. Therefore, it also is smooth and there is no stoppage which is between of tilting head to get the air out.

It also can give air at a very high speed with a less power and uses about 1280 RPM motor which will make sure to give high speed air. Surely, The fan has aerodynamic style with semi- transparent PP blades which can go to uniform spreading of air around the rooms, therefore, it will give more air and cooling to the rooms.

The power consumption is about 55 watts, this is very good and has an high speed motor which can operate in a slow motion and will deliver automatic cool air with a less density to be used. This fan has good rating on online shopping portals which will make it the perfect fans in India.

This product has a very simple style along with an ornamental design. You will get the warranty of an one year on this item.

V-Guard Multiutility Table Fan – Selfee:

table fan in india

This table fan is best in India to beat the hot summer heat. This table fan will help you to bear soaring summer temperatures. It has powerful motor to keep your home well ventilated and cool. This is best to provide instant cooling. Move your table fan around anywhere in the home. The propeller based blades increases the airflow in the room. It can work up to high speed of 2600 rpm. The sweep diameter of this table fan is 225 mm. This fan is best especially for Indian weather. This is capable to withstand voltage fluctuations. It has a modern design with different beautiful shades.


best table fan

This table fan has aerodynamic pp blades which gives a better air delivery. USHA Mist Air DUOS doesn’t produce any noise during operation. It has dual color design which looks attractive. The decorative style of the fan with jerk-free & uniform oscillation soft hand tilting mechanism makes it best in Indian market. It has dual option named knob & ratchet type mechanisms fuse with auto-protect motor to help during thermal overloading. This product comes with 2 years of standard warranty.

iBELL CHROME 10 Pedestal Fan 5 Leaf:

This iBELL pedestal table fan help to cool down soaring summer temperature. It has powerful motor to keep your home ventilated and cool. This fan is capable to generate instant cooling. This portable fan can move around any place of your home and you can easily install in your rooms. The five broad blades of the fan help to increase the airflow in the room. This can produce jerk-free & uniform oscillations at different speed. Enjoy all different type of Indian weather. It has the pedestal fan which can withstand voltage fluctuation easily.

V-Guard Esfera RW 16 Wall Fan:

The wall fan from V-Guard can deliver an unmatched high speed performance of 1350 RPM. You can pre-plan the operation of this fan with 7.5 hour timer feature. You will get the smooth finish with ABS plastic designed blades and switch panels. This fan ensures optimal power consumption with silicon steel lamination of the motor. The Synchronous motor creates jerk-free oscillation of the fan. The fan has overheat overload protection for safety during operation. This fan comes with a remote control foe easy access.

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