Best Solar Water Heater In India

Solar water heater are the newest, cheapest and the best technological and renewable resource that is available in the era and in our homes for different purposes of heating. These solar water heater will help you in saving a lot of energy and money by using the renewable and non – ending resources. They will help reduce your electricity bills by reducing the consumption of electricity in your house and also the cost of Preheating and also the half space of the storage of the water heater.

About Solar Water Heater:

The solar water heater is a machine that will provide you hot heated water for all your different purposes as you want. The water heated in the water heater is heated by using the sunlight (means the renewable solar energy).

The heated water can be used for every different purpose you want to use it as bathing, washing, cleaning, drinking, etc.

The solar water heater machine can be installed very easily on the roof or the terrace of your house.

The machine needs sunlight for working and also for heating the water for you. So, solar water heater should be installed at the place where it could get sunlight for a longer part of the day for the best result. If the machine gets a proper sunlight for a longer period of day than it could collect a large amount of heated water for your nights.

Types of solar water heater:

Active System:

The active system has two types that are:

  • Direct circulation system: In this system is best for all those places, cities or town where the temperature never goes down from zero degrees. The device holds the water from the collectors which is later on delivered to your home for different uses. The direct circulation system device comes with an automatic controller and sensor which sense the sunlight.
  • Indirect circulation system: These circulation system functions great even in temperatures below zero degrees. But they are very expensive one. These system heats the water through pumping and the heat transfer fluid and then it is delivered through the collectors with heat exchanger.

Passive system:

The passive system also has two different types:

  • Integral collectors: The integral collectors is also known as storage passive system . The collector storage system comes up with a storage tank, pipes that pumps the water to the solar collection unit of the collector. This is an ideal option for household which have a fixed water need. They work best in places where temperature doesn’t falls below zero degrees.
  • Thermosyphon system: They are one of the most reliable and best device for the household that has a need of strong hot water. There are the expensive, effective and efficient device that can work evenly in the place where the temperature is below zero degrees.

Good and Bad effect of the Solar Water Heater:

Good Effect:

  • They are effectively and efficiently working system.
  • It uses reliable and renewable source of energy.
  • Reduces the usage of electricity in the house.
  • They help in saving some part of money which was earlier used in paying bills.
  • Needs little maintenance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to clean.
  • This device need only one time investment and works up for 20 to 30 yrs without any trouble.

Bad Effect:

  • More expensive than any other water heater.
  • This appliance works only when they get direct sunlight.
  • They don’t work on a cloudy, rainy or foggy days.
  • They need a sufficient roof space for being installed.

Factors Affecting Performance of Solar Water Heater:

  • Geographic Location:

They are the most important factor that should be kept in mind before buying the solar water heater. As solar water heater needs direct sunlight and they don’t receive it then they won’t work. So if, are living in the area which is close to the equator then it’s going to work well for you. But if you don’t than live in this type of area then don’t install it just a waste for you.

  • Size & Capacity:

You can choose for the big size of solar water heater if you have that much space on your roof so that you can get it installed. If you are having a small family of 3 or 4 people than 50 to 60 gallon of storage tank is ok. But if you have a large family then you can choose the 80 or more gallon of tank storage.

  • Type and Functionality:

The flat plate collector: They are made of copper or aluminum metal .They Are expensive as well as bulky one. They have a better function and durability and easy maintenance in the tropical climate places.

The evacuated tube collector: They have high heat capacity which is suitable for both the tropical and temperate regions. They are made of glass that needs a proper handling while the installation or servicing period.

  • Type of tank:

For solar water heater system you will always need a thick storage tanks for heating the water . The tank should have the capacity to retain the heat of the water for the next 72 hours.

Choosing among the various variety and models of solar water heater is a difficult task for which you need to do a lot of research.

Now you don’t need to worry or do a lot of research we did it all for you what you need to do is to go through it and select your perfect solar water heater. We have done all the research and get the top solar water heater from the best of all the models from the newest and the most popular water heater among the customer. We have came up with their little description and their benefits.

Racold Alpha Pro Solar 100 Lpd Domestic Water Heater:

best solar water heater

This model of solar water heater is presented by the Racold company . This is the best model of the water heater among all the other companies heater that has a unique features. The heater consists of a very superior SS304L inner tank with the unique welding free technology. SS304 has the most superior quality material which is used in its water tank to ensure that you get better anti-chloride performance.

The water heater system comes up with a digital display of comprising levels of water display and the temperature monitor with programmable electric back up system . The heater also has an auto water feed system that includes automatic supply with pre-time set supply and also has the manual control of water supply in it . These modes of water supply can be used through the digital one also.

The programmable heating backup feature is available with the solar water heater which allows the users to set up the time for back up water heating and will off after reaching the required temperature. The device also has the manual heating system in the solar water heater.

Features of the Racold Alpha solar water heater:

  • It has Digital Displayer.
  • Automatic Water Feeder.
  • Superior SS304 innertan that has a unique welding free technology.
  • Programmable backups of the heating times.
  • Perfect for hard water upto 1000 PPM.

Saur Shakti Stainless Steel Water Heater LPD 300 (300 Liters):

top solar water heater

This model of solar water heater is presented by the Saur Shakti company which is one of the very well known manufacturing company that manufacturers water heater systems for household as well as for commercial ones also . This Solar Heater of Saur Shakti has an inbuilt vacuum tube that absorbs high energy and ensure to work up with full efficiency . The treated inner container is specially treated just to ensures the durability and resistance of the container.

The solar heater system is made of a rust proof galvanizing iron . The heater has a strong and good durability of its exterior body . This heater has a unique design of the solar water heater that ensures the high durability and low maintenance with easy blend seamless on the building aesthetic.

Features of the Saur Shakti Stainless Steel Water Heater:

  • Highly -perform able solar water heater.
  • Eco-friendly device.
  • Long life and service.
  • Optimum function.
  • Need Less Maintenance and care.

Supreme Solar 250 LPD (SS-004):

best solar water heater

This is presented by the Supreme company. This heater is absolutely the greatest pick for all if you are in search of the best solar heaters system. This heater comes up with the capacity of 250 Liters of water at a time. Its has the best and the highest – quality of coating for the absorption of sunlight and enables the quick heating process.

The solar heater is made of highly – efficiently active solar cells. That offers a highly scratch resistant toughen solar glass.

Features of the Supreme Solar Water Heater:

  • High capacity tank of 250 Liters.
  • Strong glass tubes.
  • Highly scratch and impact resistant tough solar glasses.
  • Made of highly -efficiently active solar cells.

ONYX ELECTRONICS Fully Stainless Steel (250 L):

best solar water heater

The solar heater is presented by the Onyx company. The company is very popular for its highly tolerance feature which is best for the hard type of water. The heater can heat up the water at a very temperature with highly efficiency evacuated tubes collectors.

The solar heater has an inbuilt equipped device with the anti fog capabilities feature. This durable appliance comes up with an non-corrosive polymer tank which has a leakage proof design.

Features of the Onyx Solar Water Heater:

  • Made of best quality materials with latest technology features and design.
  • Durable and Leakage proof Tank with best feature of Hard Water Tolerance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Great performance.

Megapower Solar 250 LPD Stainless Steel Water Heater:

no. 1 solar water heater

It is highly – efficient with amazing and feature and ability. The heater comes with an exact size and dimension which is an ideal choice for household. The heater perfectly made for the outdoor and the roof set up.

The panels of light are easy and durable, which can be easily installed. It comes up with an easy to use controls which makes it the best one.

Features of MegaPower Solar Water Heater:

  • It has a simple and durable design.
  • High Tank capacity 250 liters of water.
  • Powerful panel.
  • Environment friendly device.
  • Light weight and best quality material.

Sun Zone Solar 250 LPD Flat Plate:

top solar water heater

This solar water heater presented by Sun Zone company. This is another smart choice for an economic – friendly water heater. The water tank capacity is of 250 liters. The heater is a great option for household. It comes up with an inner welded tank with the stainless steel and with the superior quality of PUF insulation which retains the hot water tank for the longer time period. The material required in this are of the best quality and highly standard for ensuring the proper durability and long life of the device.

Suntek Energy Metal – (100 Liters):

best solar water heater

This solar water heater presented by the Suntek company. It comes on the last of our list of top solar water heaters. It comes up with the water capacity of 100 liters at a time for your daily warm water needs. The heater has a stainless steel inner tank which has a superior quality PUF insulation which will help in saving of huge electricity bills.

Features of the Suntek Solar Water Heater:

  • The solar water heater has the Capacity of 100 Liters.
  • Durable leakage proof tank with hard water tolerance feature.
  • Made up of high-quality material to ensure the best durability.
  • Easy to Install.

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