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A best mattress brands in India is a need of time. Having a good sleep in the night is one of the best experiences in the whole world, right? We will need it after a long day of work whether it is in the office or house. It is all up to you on what type of Mattresses you are using. You will not like to suffer from backache in the morning while you are getting up.

All you want is to have the best mattress in India to make you feel fresh and positive to make sure for you to complete your goals for the whole day.

How will you choose the best mattress in India 2020? It is not at all easy to choose the right mattress for you and your family. This guide will help you to understand more about what different types of mattresses are there in India, so keep on reading this until the end.

Here are the different types of mattress you will find in India:

  • Coir
  • Spring
  • Form
  • Memory form
  • Latex.
  • Re-bonded foam
  • Airbed.

Coir Mattress:

These coir mattresses are usually Indian work. We use coconut by making these types of mattresses. Also, they are very environmentally friendly out of the entire mattresses which are available in India. These are very strong and also can be uncomfortable but form mattresses are different.

Spring Mattress:

This is the best best mattress in India online. The way the spring looks it has the bouncy effect. Therefore, you will need to see the changes when your spouse turns around on the bed.

Foam Mattress:

The foam mattress is very famous in India. You will see that there is foam inside the pillow than coir. They are very spongy and there very comfortable to use. In the end the foam mattress goes very low. Hence, there are different types of products that will not let them go down. The foam mattress is very good whenever you get a backache.

Memory Form Mattress:

This memory foam has a cell that will take out all the stress and you will always have to take this point in your mind while getting down from the bed.

The memory form mattress can allow both sides to sleep and a person who sleeps on the stomach can use this type as side sleepers.

Latex mattress:

This mattress has latex inside of the foam. You get latex out rubber tree. There is a number of ways to get out latex in a very systematic way. You get it in when you have stress. Latex is made out of poly-foams and other materials.

The latex beds come in different types of sizes for a set of sleepers. There are two types of latex:

  • Dunlop latex
  • Talalay latex

Re-bonded foam Mattress:

Re-bonded foam is retaken form or grated foam that is stick together which are stressed. This is similar to the coir mattress. Therefore, they are much more good and the coir mattresses because they are very comprehensive and takes less energy.

The procedure is to take out all the parts which are unnecessary of different foams and sticking them together using a method. This will easily reduce the price.

Airbed mattress:

These airbed mattresses have become famous now a day. These are used for guests who come to visit their relatives. These are very fold-able and you can keep it away. You can see many people sleeping on this type of bed. Airbeds are made of rubber. You also can fix the body shape and size accordingly; this mattress has a lot of advantages when it comes to health. These are good for people who can’t get out of bed.

Emma Comfort King Size Memory Foam Mattress:

best mattress

Emma’s original is made in Europe and has been one of the best mattresses and won awards all along the World. In Europe, this brand has sold out many of the best mattresses & now it has reached in the Indian market.

  • This mattress gives a great body shape and support, all thanks to HRX foam and Visco-Elastic memory foam layers, therefore, this mattress will make your body pain to reduce.
  • The brand “Airgocell” is an open technology which gives the right temperature and some space to take in some fresh air so that it will be one and only foam mattress that can bear up the heat in India.
  • This is 100% vegetarian, chemical-free and no-dirty materials, which is an Eco-friendly foam that you can now buy in India.
  • It is one of the best mattresses which come from one of the best companies, and it will have a lifetime warranty, which you will not at all have a problem.

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress:

best mattress

This manufacturer is one of the leaders in building orthopedic mattresses in India. The wake-fit will have 20 years of warranty.

One of the best things about this mattress is that you will have support to rest your back and you will enjoy and have a very good sleep.

  • This mattress has a slightly stronger feeling. Hence, that’s why this is one of the greatest orthopedic mattresses which is now in India.
  • One of the best cotton fabric quilted will not only give the care but it will give the good look as well.
  • The strong form which is used to make this mattress very fond after it is in town.
  • This will help with your back and neck. It will also make sure that you will get good sleep at night.

Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress:

best mattress

Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop mattress is one of the coziest mattresses which is now in India. This mattress comes with extra support along the sides to avoid falling down right at the sides.

This mattress is the biggest accordingly to the Indian norms. It is also given the best name which is called the queen mattress in India.

  • It comes with a great support characteristic which will help to grow our body figure in the best way.
  • This memory form is very soft to materials which will help to heal your back pain.
  • It is created by NASA, this 2-inch Visco memory foam will give you an experience like you are rocking a baby.
  • The machine coating for the finish is seen on the top quality cover.
  • The 5-year warranty is in this mattress which is good.

SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

best mattress
  • This mattress comes along with some cold crystals to make your body temperature normal all night.
  • It will give you a lot of support for your back by making your body comfortable when you are sleeping.
  • The curing foam in the gel memory will help to spread the weight of your body and it will make you feel comfortable all night.
  • The form which is used adds more power, the longer it lasts and the form of the mattress.
  • The coolness of the cover will help you to give a very different breeze on your mattress.
  • This outer cover is made up of high GSM fabric for making it comfortable and stretchable. The cover can be removed very easily for deep cleaning.
  • This is one of the best mattresses in the box in India. You will need not to pay any extra cost for delivery.
  • This mattress quality is one of the best foam in India.
best mattress

This is one of the best which has many coatings of memory form and springy form. This queen size mattress is the correct one for Indians. You will feel how strong and comfortable this mattress is while sleeping in the night.

  • Buying it online is cheaper since you will get 60% off which will be affordable.
  • No need to pay during delivery so it will come in a nice decorative box. Unwrap it like a blanket.
  • You will have 100 days free trial which will be the best opportunity for you to give this mattress a try. It will give you protection for your full body.
  • The mattress coating is great and it will not disturb your spouse when you toss and turn around on the bed.
  • The three important form coating will give you the right thickness level.
  • It will come with an outer cover which is washable to make sure that the dust doesn’t get in, so you can have it without any dust.

Wakefit Dual Comfort Hard & Soft:

best mattress

This mattress can be used on both sides such as hard and soft. The first side is the strong side and when you turn it is the soft side. Hence, you can use this accordingly to your needs or accordingly to the weather.

  • For the strong side, you can use in particular weather and for the other side which is soft, you can use it in another season such as spring, summer, etc.
  • The foam inside is one of the best quality.
  • You will get this directly from the online shopping portals.
  • The high- standard covers are made from high-quality cotton fabric which comes with this mattress.
  • This has 5 years warranty which will be taken care of all the wrong things.

Urban Ladder Dreamlite 8-inch Bonnel Spring:

best mattress

This mattress is perfect for you to relieve backaches. With a different liquid on the top which is made very soft, we cannot trust this for being cozy at all times.

  • Bonnel spring makes sure that the mattress is very easy to carry. It will put out all the air.
  • The dirt will live for a longer time on the mattress.
  • This will have a top- coating which will be soft and it will make sure that you are comfortable. You will not need to turn or roam around the bed at all.
  • The tighter spring and liquids get it will not fall down.
  • This has earned its name and it will reduce backaches.
  • This mattress has a 5-year warranty which is a welcome offer.

Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6-inch Queen Size Spring:

best mattress

This mattress has become of the best selling ever since 1962. This big size mattress comes in different top colors. They give enough support to your spine and back. This has a nice mixture of stronger and softer it is one of the best double bed mattresses in India.

  • The high-density Bonnel springs get more strength to fight the heaviness.
  • Springs have a closer attraction which avoids spoiling the layers of the mattress.
  • This comes with thickness as PU foam and will have more sleeping space in which you can rely on a very comfortable sleep.
  • The kurlopedic technology will go inside for you to have a perfect backbone and by making sure that everything else is perfectly fine.
  • It will not allow germs, dirt, and bed-bugs.
  • You will get a 1-year warranty included with one another new mattress.

Nilkamal Value+ 4-inch Single Size Foam:

best mattress

This is developed after serious research and after knowing about sleeping habits for Indians and also what the weather is like in India.

This manufacturer is the first who uses height and weight charts to get to know what the customers choose according & which is the stronger one. This mattress has a different range that you can choose as per what you like most.

  • Intelligent sleep technology will make sure to have a very comfortable sleep.
  • This company makes use of Evlon/Lux form.
  • You will have two years of warranty if it gets damaged so you can get it replaced with another.

COIR FIT Beetle 4-inch Single Size Coir:

best mattress

Coir Mattress is known for their decisions. Therefore, this mattress will have the right mixture of PU foam and energetic materials in it.

  • The main important material is Coir. Therefore, this mattress is eco-friendly.
  • This mattress will help to improve your blood circulation.
  • This mattress is made from cotton, and the outer cover is long-lasting.
  • It has a one year warranty.
  • It is quite large as a single bed-mattress.

Foams India Natural Latex:

best mattress

Foams India natural latex mattress is an environment-friendly right from scratch. This is a single-size which will give you a very high level of comfort. One of the best things is that you can use this on any type of floor. This mattress is very comfortable.

  • This will give you so much comfort and it has many different types of foams inside.
  • This will always remain fresh, even if dirt goes inside.
  • You can keep this mattress anywhere, henceforth; you will not need any space.
  • It comes with a washable protector form natural rubber, therefore, it is very helpful to use.
  • This has different colors and various sorts of different designs so that the customers can choose whatever they like accordingly to their needs.
  • The zipper works really good accordingly to temperature.

Buying Guide For Best Mattress in India:

First of all, you will need to check the colors, sizes, and ranges, thickness, whether it is comfortable or not and long-lasting, and so on. We will read this below:

Sizes of Mattress:

Mattress in India has very sizes which is much more different from other countries. Such as the United Kingdom. You should make sure that it should be accordingly to the size of your bed.

There are so many different sizes while choosing a mattress, such as single, twin, twin XL, full or double and so on. You will not be able to find some sizes in India.

For example Single size mattress: – this will fit in one cot. They come in different sizes. This mattress is huge for a child. But for a fat adult, he could feel uncomfortable.

Mattress Thickness:

Thickness is a very important factor while selecting the mattress for your bed. The most common size available is usually 10 inches thick. Apart from this, you will find many other sizes in the range between 5 inches up to 15 inches.

It depends on your body size. If you are fat, you will normally go for thicker beds. On the other side, for thin people, they will go for smaller beds.

What kinds of sleepers are there?

Selecting a mattress is important because of the way you are sleeping. Let us know what style do you sleep on, sleeping will surely get distracted on what type of mattress do you use.

So many people sleep in different ways. Most people like to sleep on their side or else some people will like to sleep on their backs or on their stomachs.

Women who are pregnant will have to sleep in the right way. Hence, some fat people will have different kind of posture when they are sleeping. So it depends on each of us how we sleep and which mattress do we use.

Different types of sleepers explained in brief are:

Side Sleepers:

People who sleep on their side should choose a mattress that is soft to medium-strong. A soft mattress can take away all your stress from your neck and also the back area.

While sleeping on the sides you will need to have your spine, neck and back all on the right positions. It should help your body to sleep still. Side sleepers must not use water and spring mattress.

Stomach Sleepers:

Do you feel stress in your body all day? When you sleep on your stomach, it gives a lot of cramps; therefore, you should make sure that your mattress will give you the support to wake up and not to have any backache.

It should be strong because there are away between your bodies. Most of the people who sleep on their stomach will need a much softer. In that way, they can go for a much higher foam.

People who sleep on their stomach will have to have a thin pillow and will help to get their head better.

What is the best sleeping position at your pregnancy time?

The right position for a pregnant lady is the left side. The other name is called sleeping on the side. While sleeping on the left side it will help the blood circulation to flow. It’s better to avoid by not putting weight in your body so that you push too hard on the liver.

Pregnant ladies should not sleep on their backs or on the stomach.

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