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V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 with Bluetooth Connectivity Home Digital Sinewave UPS

best inverter

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to customize its working as per your needs. The appliance mode of the inverter can run high loads up to 1000W (Electric Iron, Coffee maker & Toaster, etc. The Turbo Charge mode for super-speedy charging, mute/unmute the buzzer and select performance mode. The mobile APP shows you the battery backup time and battery charging time. An additional feature is that you can check the number of power cuts and the duration of the past week. The Battery Water Topping feature reminds you to top-up the distilled water in the battery basis its consumption pattern.

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 with Bluetooth Connectivity Features:

  • Pure Sinewave Output that is ideal for loads of sophisticated electronic equipment.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to enable switching modes, controlling performance and monitoring operation.
  • Battery water topping reminder to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • User Selectable Inverter Output & Backup as per user need.
  • Free Company Authorised Installation.

Microtek UPS 24A-7 Hb 950Va Hybrid Sinewave

best inverter

Microtek UPS 24A-7 Hb 950Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter comes with elegant and ergonomic design & is durable and long-lasting too. The inverter is based on HYBRID technology (a combination of Digital & Sinewave technologies) for noiseless operation. In-built bypass switch, voltage range selection switch & battery type selection switch makes this inverter premium in its category. Quick charging, more load carrying capacity, longer battery life & longer back-up are some specialized features of Microtek UPS 24A-7 Hb 950Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter which make it perfect for both home and office use.

Microtek UPS 24A-7 Hb 950Va Hybrid Sinewave Features:

  • 1 battery system (12 VDC), Rated Capacity: 950 VA, Output Power: 760 Watts.
  • Digital display: Advanced seven-segment digital display that indicates input and output voltage.
  • Energy-efficient: with save power technology, Microtek stabilizer provides high performance.
  • Low and high cut off: automatically cuts the grid supply during power cuts and fluctuations.

Microtek UPS 24A – 7 Hb 1125Va Hybrid Sinewave

best inverter

Microtek UPS HB 1125VA is the superior & stylish inverter. This inverter comes with features like in-built bypass switch and battery gravity management for efficient power & proper power distribution to all your electronic appliances. Being pure sinewave UPS, it does not create any humming noise and recommended for running all appliances for a longer time period.

Microtek UPS 24A – 7 Hb 1125Va Hybrid Sinewave Features:

  • Capacity-1125VA/12v, 1 battery system (12 VDC).
  • Hybrid technology for noiseless and better performance.
  • IBGM technology – increases battery life.
  • PWM controlled multistage ATM (automatic trickle mode) charging.
  • Bypass switch – in case of ups failure, electricity will be bypassed.

Livguard LG900 Square Wave UPS

best inverter

Livguard LG900 square wave UPS inverter is designed to suit the needs of all your electronic appliances. The Livguard inverter is equipped with artificial intelligent charging. The Livguard inverter can run heavy appliances with ease and have longer back-up time. The in-built battery gravity builder and battery deep discharge protection feature provides you more relax and comfort. Livguard LG900 inverter is compatible with Flat, Tubular, SMF and other local batteries.

Livguard LG900 Square Wave UPS Features:

  • Audio alarms, overloaded protection, short circuit protection
  • Eco unregulated mode
  • Heavy-duty charger for low voltage
  • DC Voltage 12V, warranty: 24 months
  • Capacity – 800 VA

Su-Kam Falcon Eco 1000Va Sine Wave

best inverter

Su-Kam’s Falcon Eco is India’s top hybrid solar inverter is smart, stylish & affordable sinewave inverter which is perfect for your home. This inverter is equipped with 6 stage battery charging & resettable fuse makes it best in its category. This inverter is specially designed for the areas having low voltage problem as it is efficiently charge battery at low input voltage as low as 50V. It functions both as a normal inverter as well as an off-grid solar system because it can charge batteries through grid and solar.

Su-Kam Falcon Eco 1000Va Sine Wave Features:

  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Falcon Eco 1000/12V
  • Output Waveform: Sine wave commercial UPS

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter

best inverter

Luminous zelio+ 1100 home pure sinewave ups are India’s most intelligent inverter with features such as power back-up time display in hours and minutes, hassle-free battery water level maintenance, MCB protection. This powerful inverter is equipped with a bypass switch which keeps supplying output from Grid even in case of home UPS faults. The low harmonic distortion feature of this inverter makes it practically noiseless and the pure sine wave output makes it highly efficient and helps save on electricity bills.

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter Features:

  • Protection: Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity & Input mains protection through MCB.
  • Power Backup display time in Hours & Minutes.
  • Running Load: 3 CFL, 3 Tube light, 3 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 air Cooler.
  • Battery System: Single battery / 12V; Capacity: 900 VA, Rated Power: 756W. Supports wide battery range, i.e. Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF).
  • 32-bit DSP Processor.
  • Battery Electrolyte Level Indicator glows whenever the battery requires water top-up.
  • Input mains protection through MCB.

Luminous Solar NXG Hybrid Inverter 1800/24V UPS:

best inverter

Luminous solar 1800 is a powerful & efficient hybrid inverter with a 40-amp inbuilt charge controller. It is India’s most intelligent solar system-based inverter which gives priority to solar power use to save on electricity bills. The Luminoussolar inverter charges the battery from the grid and solar panel both. If solar energy is available then it charges the battery from the solar panel and if solar is not available, then the inverter charges the battery from mains/grid. It can charge the battery and supply solar power to the connected load if solar generation is sufficient otherwise it gives first priority to solar battery charging and then supply additional power to connected loads.

Luminous Solar NXG Hybrid Inverter 1800/24V UPS Features:

  • First of its kind home ups that delivers both AC and DC output.
  • Up to 1000-watt PV module solar panel compatibility.
  • Solar hybrid inverter with inbuilt PWM charge controller.
  • Running Load: 5 light, 5 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 air Cooler.
  • Intelligent fuzzy logic for maximum utilization of solar energy.
  • Pure sine wave output provides better performance and safety to the connected load.

Su-Kam Brainy Eco 1600/24V Solar Power Conditioning Unit with In-Built Solar Charge Controller

best inverter

Sukam Brainy 1600 is a hybrid solar with inbuilt 40 amps solar charge controller. The ATC (automatic temperature compensation) technology senses the outside temperature change & accordingly adjusts the charging of batteries. DT- 6S 6 stage battery charging technology gives the highest battery charging efficiency. The 4th generation microprocessor has a high-speed processor & ability to multi-task.

Su-Kam Brainy Eco 1600/24V Solar Power Conditioning Unit with In-Built Solar Charge Controller Features:

  • Noiseless operation
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Inbuilt solar charger
  • Low voltage disconnection
  • The inbuilt galvanic isolation transformer
  • Freedom to choose any battery size
  • 90V charging
  • 6-stage battery charging
  • Real-time intelligence monitoring
  • Intelligent charge sharing between grid and solar
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Operating Voltage: 90 – 290 volts

Exide 850Va Pure Sinewave Home Ups

best inverter

This inverter has a digital display which guarantees 100% protection & long life for your electronic appliances. Exide home ups ensures better battery charging for longer life & less refill. The Exide 850 VA UPS provides full protection in cases like overload, short circuit, over-temperature, battery low, battery overcharge, etc.

Exide 850Va Pure Sinewave Best Inverter Features:

  • Protection: High-quality protection built up in the PCB
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based Sine Wave Home UPS: A high-speed microprocessor for Grid Quality Power same as Mains
  • LCD Display: for better user Interface and displaying State of Battery Voltage and Charge, AC mains input voltage, Display Actual load connected in %, Display overload, Short circuit trip, Battery low trip, AC mains Fuse blown, etc.
  • ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) Technology: Automatically sense the battery condition and adjust the charging current accordingly and thus increases battery life and minimizes water topping.
  • Electrolyte Level Sensor indicator: For indicating Battery water level low.
  • Change over time Mains to UPS and vice versa: < 10 milliseconds (at mains Low and High cut)
  • Maximum Load Capacity in Watts: 580 Watts

Amaron 880Va Hi-Back Up Pure Sine Wave Best Inverter Ups

best inverter

This is stylish inverter for your home or office applicable for all kind of appliances. It is completely noiseless and as soon as it senses a power cut. It silently starts operating in battery mode. The capacity of inverter offers a brilliant power back-up for all your appliances. The visual indicators & an overload alarm of the inverter is perfect for humid, gloomy and stagnant power cuts. Sinewave technology allows other machines to run for a longer period of time. Audio alarms keep an eye to check on the status of the appliance. The blown fuse alarm protection and a low battery signal are different alarm technology working for this inverter. The battery of Amaron 880 VA can be charged quickly and efficiently. This Sinewave inverter comes with a battery, which has a high-power factor and reduces the quantity of AC power needed to charge the inverter batteries.

Amaron 880Va Hi-Back Up Pure Sine Wave Best Inverter Ups Features:

  • Sinewave Technology to withstand loads of equipment.
  • Power Saving to protect device & improve its life.
  • Intelligent Microprocessor for easy communication.
  • Resettable Facility.
  • Low Power Loss.

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