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Inverter battery is very critical appliance found in almost every home of India. If someone trying to buy a brand new best inverter battery in India but doesn’t know how to choose the best inverter battery in India, then you have come to the right place to learn a lot about inverter battery. Don’t get confused and learn more about the sizes and different types of inverter battery based in India.

Nowadays, inverters are one of the most important electronic devices as many people will need every day for different kinds of reasons. Inverters are very helpful to save our bill for electricity and when they are no lights in your house. Nowadays inverters have become most important since there is a lot of power cut problems, which is getting worst each day.

Giving backup power during no electricity is one main important task. The battery in the inverter connects and then the power is back. Henceforth, this electronic device can be carried anywhere. There are so many different kinds of an inverter.

Why good Inverter Battery are in high demand in India?

An inventor can run all the devices when there is no electricity. Batteries can give power through inverters. When getting an inverter for the house, the best thing is to go for the home inverter.

The batteries can be charged by using a gas generator and solar panels. There are kinds of ways that a battery needs to be charged, it can be a AC device that can work. Then the power which is saving inside the battery is being transferred to getting changed by the power inverter. So the power can be used at home as well as in offices. It is helpful for all different things at our house and offices.

Why inverter battery is that important for inverters?

An best inverter battery in India for home is one of the most important parts which are needed for the inverter. There are many offices which are selling the inverter battery. There are different ranges of the batteries according to the seller in the industry. This is totally important to select the correct type of battery before selecting the inverter. The main heart of the UPS system will need a battery.

While buying the batteries for the inverter, tubular batteries are the most considerable to select. From another choice, it is a bit costly, but it is worth the cost. Some batteries only live for 4 years, a tubular battery lives longer which is around 8 years. The batteries will have to work well but you need to fill it with distilled water all the time.

What are the things you need to check for an inverter battery?

You should always look at the different types of inverter batteries based on warranty, a good client service/support, and safety given by the manufacturer. Getting a bad inverter battery will not be helpful as it will waste your time and your money. The low-quality battery will not be a correct product to use because of the safety and it would not stands on to the standards. Let us say that if one wants an inverter battery which will have less maintenance, then it is better for going for the mark which has ISI on it.

What are the important factors for calculating the inverter battery life?

Number of load in watts:

The number of watts that are in use is the total load. To save electricity for 3 fans within 75 watts and 6 lamps which is 49 watts each, the total load will be 665 watts.

Reserve in hours:

The total number of backup hours is straight comparable to the correct size of the battery.


The amount of the voltage required by the battery is called the nominal voltage. One of the best inverter batteries has around 12 voltages in India, 48 V, and 24 V.

Battery Type:

In the market, there are two different types of batteries which are: Tubular battery and flat plate battery. These batteries are very different which in terms of price, life, safety, maintenance, and efficiency. There would be a proper information report of each and every type of the inverter battery which will be written below.

Types of inverter battery:

The type of batteries that are used for an inverter is not the same as the automotive batteries. For letting the inverter run for a long time, that will be same as the trick or the car battery. Many batteries are called the lead-acid batteries which can be chargeable. Few batteries will not need so much cleaning while there are some which will need a lot of cleaning. There are two different batteries which will need to be categorized like the electrolyte technology which are:

  • Flooded lead-acid batteries or wet cell batteries: This type of battery takes a lot of time when cleaning. It will be always kept straight up.
  • Sealed lead-acid (SLA) or gel cell batteries: These inverter batteries are expensive. There is little cleaning needed for these types of batteries. These batteries are also named as Valve Regulated lead-acid (VRLA).

This has always been a hard thing to make the best inventor battery list, therefore, we have prepared this for you to choose the best battery for the inverter as soon as possible.

AARON POWER 150 AH Battery Tubuler

Inverter Battery

This inverter battery will help with the load of electrical for 2 fans and it can run for 5 hours continuously. This battery requires less cleaning & have a longer life. The acid-spewing and mist will get less by the vent designs which is extra ordinary. This battery is leakage proof because of its less leads.

There are different kinds of characteristics which include: serrated SEP for lessening stratification, pressurized spine casting for 100 and panoptic spine rust prevention. The length of this product will be 35.6 * 30.5 * 27.9 cm & the weight is 62 kg. The seller will give a warranty of 36 months for this battery. This is well known batteries in India.

EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150 Ah Insta Brite Inverter Ups Battery

Inverter Battery

There will not be any problems with power cuts in the house with this device. This battery has a technology that enables it to stand in high temperatures. This will have proper handles for making sure that we can handle it easily. This battery can be used at home only.

LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

This battery is safe from dirt & a different mixture of dust. It makes sure to give a high-quality output by the uniform and void-free grain structure. This can charge very quickly as well it goes on for a long time. The length is 52*23*32 cm & it can weigh about 53.2 kg. The seller will give a warranty of about 56 months for this battery. This battery can only be used at houses.

Exide Inva Master Tubular Inverter Battery 150 Ah/12V

best inverter battery

This inverter battery has perfect characteristics which will give an upright performance at any temperature in India. Ribbed free polyethylene & cemented glass mat used for the making of this inverter plus battery.

Luminous ILTT 18048N 150 Ah Tubular

This battery is perfect during power cuts. This stays longer for more than 1250 cycles. This battery is made out of tall tubular technology. This battery has the extra characteristics to run for a longer time without any change. The special feature of the lead rust prevention mechanism will keep it safe from damage.

Luminous Inverlast Tall Tubular 145 Ah/12V

best inverter battery in india

This inverter battery has a wider selenium grid which is made of plastic. Therefore, this battery can live for a long time. The battery can support for about 150 AV. The battery is rightly fitted with turmoil, stationary applications as well as the lighting. The comprehensive warranty given on this product is 42 months.

Luminous Inverlast 150 Ah/12V

This plastic made inverter battery guarantees longer run time. This battery can support about 150 AV. The 2 D-handles are fitted with the battery to provide the electricity supply without any hurdle. The manufacturer provides the comprehensive warranty of 18 months.

Luminous Tez Inverter Ups 150 Ah

best inverter battery

Sometimes, when the electricity goes off for long hours, this battery is a very good option for most Indian chores. The tubular technology design of battery help in reducing electricity bills. This inverter battery can support up to 600 VA – 1050 VA at any time.

Here are the two special features of this battery, which includes: balanced plate design and corrosion-resistant lead. You will get a warranty of about 36 months for this battery.

Exide Inverter Plus 100Ah Battery

top inverter battery in india

The mixture system of Exide Inverter Plus 100Ah Battery has excellent characteristics, which is giving to upright performance in normal temperature in India. This inverter battery has high strength because of ribbed free polyethylene. You can check the status of battery charging at any time with the help of “magic eye” characteristics. Therefore, no one to open the inverter. These superior features of this battery are Anti-fumes vent design, Leakage free surface, and Micro- porous filter disc. A comprehensive warranty given on this inverter battery is of 24 months.

Exide SF-Sonic Oriental 12 150 AH

best inverter battery in india

This inverter battery has an electrolyte level indicator sensor which will warn much before the level will go down. It remains the same even during the power cuts with excellent power boxes. The peeling of the much-activated material will be careful by the glass mat separation and the robust-grid making. This excellent characteristic of battery has a long drawer’s life with D-handles which are at the sides. The manufacturer will give a warranty of about 24 months.

What are the ways of checking inverter battery health?

This is very important to check the health of your inverter on a daily basis so that it could perform better while performing:

  • First of all, check the terminal to be safe at your house. In case of damage it will cause a short circuit.
  • You will also have to keep an eye on how much water is there to keep the power going on.
  • Please make sure to take the reading of the battery and then test the battery load.
  • Your battery should be kept in a well-conditioned area only.

What are the ways to fill water in an inverter battery?

Here are steps on how to fill water in the inverter battery:

  1. First, take off the cap.
  2. Next, keep a funnel into the water replacement vent.
  3. Next, you will have to pour the water to the water level.
  4. Finally, take out the funnel and put the cap ON.

What water is good for inverter battery?

The best water for inverter battery is RO water or rain and AC water. Do not use tap water as it is dirty that will destroy your battery when working.


So as you read there are 10 best inverters in India right above the page. Do not be confused about what the inverter battery is the best. All inverters are perfect you one can choose which is best as per your needs. There are very often power cuts in India, which can be a headache since it will take more time for electricity at this time. So select and decide which is the best inverter battery according to your liking.

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