Best Ceiling Fan In India

Ceiling Fan is must have an appliance for our house. You can find ceiling fans in every house in India. Now when it comes to choosing the best ceiling fan then there must be some confusion in your mind & which is obvious too. Now you don’t need to worry about this when it comes to select the best ceiling fan in India.

One of the most important electrical devices we need for a house is a ceiling fan. So many people ignore this electrical device more often. It is very cheap and very easy to use to give more air in our rooms and office rooms even during summer or winter seasons. It will bring the temperature down to around 7 degrees for giving us a cooler room.

There are some features of that the best ceiling fan must include are:

  • It must save electricity.
  • The ceiling fan should be capable of sweeping large surface areas.

Ceiling fans are the most conventional & cheapest medium of air circulation in your room. The purpose of the ceiling fan is to reduce the temperature of the room surrounding & giving you healthier & fresh air.

Types of Ceiling Fans:

Winter and summer usually is the only climate that happens in India. Hence, we all have to get used to this climate well. The best device for our rooms to cool is the ceiling fan. Here are a few types of ceiling fan with brief details:

Summer Ceiling Fan:

So many ceiling fans go in an anti-clockwise direction. The cool air goes up because the heat will show that it is moving in a higher direction. The idea is to lessen the temperature all over.

Winter Ceiling Fan:

This will help the temperature to go up. It goes in a right-handed direction, by getting the warm air lower. Ceiling fans are awesome when it has more powerful benefits.

Type of shapes of Ceiling Fan:

There are a few parts that ceiling fans have, which are: drop rod, bladed, and lights to give a different look in your room. In India, one of the best ceiling fans gives more power, wonderful lights to light up the room and even a remote to switch it ON for the lights and how much we want to increase the speed or reduce it.

Drop Red:

This part is very important. Many ceiling fans will have a drop rod which is not so close to the walls or not too high from the floor. We will have to get this in mind is that the distance of the ceiling fan from the wall so that it will work properly. It is understandable that the ceiling fan should be higher than seven feet from the floor for it to show how it spins around. The spin of a fan, hence, will have to be two to three distance away from the walls. The height shows that the length of the drop rod. The best drop red which fits in a 13 feet high ceiling is 48-inch. A room that has 12 feet will need to have a 48-inch and 13 feet drop red gadget.


The number of blades you will have then it will help you to choose the best one for your ceiling fan for your family. It does not matter how many blades it has since the fan will not get spoilt. The number is important which has the most area which needs to be put. Normally a fan has two, three, four or five blades in it. It depends on the number of blades because the room should not look congested with an oversize fan. It might also cause a problem by putting a lot of air into it.


So many ceiling fans have creative designs on them which have been fixed on the center with the blades fixed in it. The lights will bring a positive look for the room. They will take a lot of electricity more than a usual fan does.

Buying Guide for Best Ceiling Fan:


Everyone loves to have designs, where ever they live. Normally a ceiling fan gives a bright look to anyone’s houses, by making your house look the best. One of the best types of ceiling fans will lighten the room in seconds. Hence, it is the right time to get the one which is important.


A well-working ceiling fan should work very well with a less cost of energy. A lesser power motor will reduce to save energy and thus, it will help you not to waste so much money. What is the budget you are looking to buy your ceiling fan? You will see a different range of fans ranging from Rs. 1800 to Rs. 5000. So you will have to know your price before so that you can buy a ceiling price accordingly to that price.


This electronic device which is avoided to be kept in houses will not at all be a matter. The house will have a different look, and it will look as if it is changed just like you.

Energy Saving:

A ceiling fan must work at it best to reduce energy. If you select a high-speed ceiling fan then it could result in high pay for the cost. This fan industry has been given a rating which is awarded by The Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The number of stars that BEE marks a ceiling fan, the lesser the engine they will use. As well, the use of light by a fan will give energy more than any other fan.


Airflow is the total of the air that is kept by a specific ceiling fan per unit time. Most of the ceiling fan has an airflow measurement which is more than 6000 CFM. A well-working fan has the airflow which will be about 5000 CFM. This airflow takes responsibility to get the room temperature lesser. We also understand how much energy it takes off the ceiling fan.

Measurement of room and total of blades:

We should know how much blades are put in the Fan. Usually, a ceiling fan comes with 2, 3, 4 and 5, which will help to give extra effects in your house.


Most of the ceiling fans in India have lesser power but will work better by showing what kind of motor does it have. Usually in India, there is a huge set of fan industry and selling various types of products. But most of them will not have any benefits, because it will be a huge work by going around the market all by yourself and choosing one of the greatest ceiling fans.

Here is the name of the famous Ceiling Fans in India. Also, we will tell you everything in details which will surely help you to select the best ceiling fan for you and your family, keep on reading this article:

Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan 1200 mm (Gold Mist and Copper):

best ceiling fan

This is one of the best fan company in India. This is a 1200 mm ceiling fan with great work on it. It is very eye-catching & suitable for all types of room size. This fan has a great motor that will work at rpm of 330, which will take about 68 watts of energy. The aluminum blades are well built and powerful. This fan comes at a good price which is 2500 only. Hence, you will not have trouble in the first two years by using this fan.

Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 3 Blade Ceiling Fan With Remote Control and BLDC Motor, 1200 mm:

best ceiling fan

This is a BDLC white fan termed as one of the powerful ceiling fans which cost at Rs. 4000/- only. It will save more electricity & money. It is said to be one of the best fans in India at a reasonable price. This appliance will consume 28 watts of electricity. This is very high on power. This fan also has a wonderful design. Gorilla gives a free service and if anything has to be fixed for this fan for three years at first.

Crompton HS Plus 48-inch Power Saver High-Speed Ceiling Fan:

best ceiling fan

Any person will feel great after getting used to Crompton Grave Fan. It is told that this fan is the best fan available in India which is under Rs. 1700/-. This fan has only 53 watts and a great airflow which is about 218 CMM. This feature of this fan makes sure that each and every part of the room gets good air all around.
This fan is available in different types of colors and very beautiful designs that will be suited for dark walls or ceilings. Crompton provides a good deal by getting a two-year warranty.

Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm Ceiling Fan:

best ceiling fan

A perfect ceiling fan will have great characters such as high-density motor, more airflow movement, easy to use, and it comes with an awesome design that is on top. Orient Aero quiet 1200 ceiling fan is one of the fans, which will have all these types of great characteristics.
The basic structure id free from dust and it is drawn by all different types of parts ABS. it brings soft presentation since it has an 18-pole soft motor. It is a unique ceiling fan for a great experience.

Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200 mm Ceiling Fan:

best ceiling fan

This is the best ceiling fan in India for the year 2019. It gives more than 52 watts in electricity, which is a 5-star rating from BEE. It has an engine that will help the fan to go round and round at a very high speed of about 350, which will make sure that each side of the room is well cooler.
An extra charge you will get with this fan is that you will have a 2 years warranty. When you buy this fan, you will need not take any tension about the fixing or the service prices for 2 years. Hence, this fan is one of the best in India.

Usha Technix 1200mm 5 Star Without Regulator Ceiling Fan:

best ceiling fan

This fan is one of the best which is available under Rs. 2000/-. It goes at 220 CMM speed and has a very good engine that will make your environment very comfortable and calm even when it is really hot.
USHA has been selling different types of ceiling fans for years. Loads of clients will trust USHA when it comes to these types of devices in India. The fan will run up 350 per minute which is very cheap with good characteristics.

Super Fan A1 Ceiling Fan with Remote Control:

best ceiling fan

Your research will never end for this kind of fan which is only 4000 only. So many people will want this type of creative fan which will have high power and located at Super fan’s BDLC engine and a very powerful blade with a creative design.
It goes fast at about 35 watts and will be powerful for only 28 hours nonstop. The airflow will be nonstop without stopping which is one of the most characteristics to remember when it comes to a best ceiling fans in India. During the summer it goes faster, many people will need a fan which will save your money and will have great airflow.
This fan has a five-year warranty, which will have all the services, and pricing for a long time. Many cities will have the number of the customer care center so that if any help they will need, they can just dial and be happy.

Orient Electric Energy Star 47-inch 48-Watt Energy Saver:

best ceiling fan

Have you been researching for a fan that has an awesome design and which works well? Your research will never end with a 47-inch energy ceiling fan. This fan has a very creative design, which is more stylish than any other best ceiling fans in India under 1500. The fan blade is made of aluminum that will have a speed of 210 CMM. This fan has been given 5 stars by BEE and it will have more energy. This fan will save you money.
It will go with any type of walls and will come in an off-white color. This product will also have a 2-year warranty only.

Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300 mm:

best ceiling fan

Are you coming from a very middle-class family located in India, but you are so ready to promise on this device, then Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300 mm fan is the right choice which will have 1300 mm. Bajaj is a brand that came from India which is high class and very cheap products. This fan comes with a high-quality motor, which will use a little energy, around 66 watts only. This fan goes for any type of ceiling, which will make your environment unique in just a day.

Orient Electric Areta 48-inch 68-Watt Decorative:

best ceiling fan

Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200 mm ceiling fan is one of the best models which come at a very cheap price of only 3000. It is beautifully designed with different types of creative colors that are there and it will give an effect to any type of ceilings.

This has a 320 rpm engine and it gives about 68 watts to be right. The best ceiling fans in India under 2000 has matte black and pearl bodies so that it has masses of favorite. One of its which is has a different advantage s that it has very few curves and huge blades than the entire fan. These different blades will have the fan very unique.

How to clean a Ceiling Fan?

Your best ceiling fans in India 2019 is a very important device that will not have so much cleaning to do. Hence, you will have to be careful about the age of your fan more. Fake fan engines are very slower in operation. These days the ceiling fan comes with engines having a sticker to remember. Henceforth, such engines will not need so much cleaning.

Occasionally, you will see some fans make a sound. Because of the vibrations. Fans will have metal kind of containers which will vibrate less. Hence, they will be there for more time than fiberglass fans. Switching the ball bearings can lessen the sound. These days’ fans come without a brush engine. It will also make less sound.

Some of the fans will come with many blades. Do not exchange the blades of the fan with other blades. It will get spoil and will not run the same way. Please remember to wipe the blades every day for the dust not to go inside. Blades will be heavier and therefore it will not work very nicely.

What fans would be better, 1 3 blades or 4 blades?

I would suggest the 3 blades because it would be amazing, it would have more power, and speed.

Conclusion: Whenever you are buying a best ceiling fans in India with price, remember to have your set of budget and research on it very well.

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